SeaScape: A modular floating villa concept featuring a stunning underwater bedroom

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How would you like to spend your next vacation underwater? BMT Asia Pacific has recently unveiled plans for a futuristic floating villa, known as SeaScape. Built on a triangle-shaped pontoon base, the concept villa features a stunning underwater bedroom that lets you sleep right in the midst of fishes and other marine fauna. Furthermore, its simple, modular design allows multiple units to be connected to one another, as part of an integrated floating complex.

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SeaScape is an improved rendition of SeaSuite, a network of coastal villas and egg-shaped offshore cabins, developed by the company back in 2013. Designed as flexible, pre-fabricated modules, each of these ingeniously-built structures can readily fit inside standard shipping containers. With an eye toward cost-effective and swift construction, the developers have come up with a highly inventive deployment strategy, for easy installation even at the most remote sites. Speaking about the project, Richard Colwill, of BMT, said:

In the Hotel & Tourism space we know we need to offer not only a unique experience, but also competitive costs and feasible deployment and operation.. Our new series of floating villas demonstrates that it is possible to offer exceptional luxury through a simple, yet elegant modular design… We are very pleased to be introducing SeaScape to the luxury resort market. This addition to BMT’s Floating Villas portfolio offers even more options and flexibility to our customers to develop an unforgettable holiday experience for their guests.

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Constructed using strengthened fiberglass and marine-grade aluminium, each of the villas sits on a 700-sq-ft (nearly 65-sq-m) floating pontoon base. Multiple pontoon units can be joined together, as a way of increasing the available floorspace of each module. The design includes plans for a spectacular underwater bedroom, in the form of an expansive acrylic cylinder, that offers breathtaking 360-degree view of the marine ecosystem.

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Boasting a variety of green credentials, the Seascape villas will be powered by a combination of solar panels and a diesel and electric generator. In an interview with Gizmag, the company’s spokesperson said:

All the systems on the SeaScape model those found on yachts, meaning there is the intention to have the units as self-sustained for water and power. While we haven’t specifically focused on green features in the design, a number of them are intrinsic to a waterside location – improved natural ventilation for sea breezes, temperature moderation through the hull from seawater.

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SeaScape Floating Villa-1

Source: BMT Asia Pacific

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