RevoBot: The futuristic gravity board with its own set of Bluetooth speakers!


Back in March, we were seriously impressed by the Sidewinding Circular Skate. Well, this time around, another skateboard-like contraption has to come to the fray, arguably with a host of more features. Christened as the RevoBot, the contraption is touted to be the ‘most advanced body gravity board’ by its designers. When translated to attributes, the futuristic looking board comes with its 3rd generation control panel, a Li-ion battery from Samsung (that can be charged within 2 hours), LED lights, and a set of Bluetooth speakers.


Yup, you read that right! The RevoBot can wirelessly connect to your smartphone (via Bluetooth), to play your favorite music when scooting down the streets. And since we brought up scooting, the gravity board can go up till a top-speed of 7 mph (or 12 km/hr), and has a substantial range of 10-12 miles on a single charge. The velocity is complemented by the weight carrying capacity of the gizmo that go to around 230 lbs.

So, in case you are interested, do to give a gander at the ongoing Indiegogo campaign of RevoBot, which has already passed its $20,000 goal by raising over $76,000 (as of writing) with 21 days still to go. The special price for one of these gravity boards is currently kept at $665 (which is still far lower to the intended retail price of $1,000).

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