Maldives’ Subsix underwater restaurant boasts stunning marine-inspired decor

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Recently we talked about a floating concept villa, known as SeaScape, that boasts a spectacular underwater bedroom. Somewhat similar, but unquestionably more impressive, is the Subsix restaurant that allows guests to dine six meters into the water, surrounded by the fishes and other aquatic life forms inhabiting the waters of the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. Located 500 meters, off the coast of Maldives, the restaurant is part of the famous PER AQUUM Niyama luxury resort.

Previously a nightclub, the Subsix has been recently revamped into a stunning underwater restaurant, by Singapore-based Poole Associates. Diners have to take a speedboat to reach the restaurant’s offshore location, following which, they are led down a spectacular three-tier staircase into the exquisitely-designed dining space. The area is lined with expansive floor-to-ceiling glass windows that offer mesmerizing views of the marine environment and its unfathomably diverse aquatic life.

Boasting a decor that mimics the richly varied aquatic surroundings, the restaurant features a huge, centrally-situated, clam-shaped bar, chairs with rubber fingers similar to that of sea anemones and several magnificent coral-inspired chandeliers. Thousands of transluscent capiz shells adorn the restaurant’s ceiling, in a sort of wave-like arrangement. In keeping with the constantly-changing colors of the ocean, the lighting turns ethereal white in the morning, bright lavender during dinner and finally deep blue at midnight.

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To know more about Poole Associates and their projects, click here.

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