71-year-old man takes breathtaking photos of LA and NYC, while dangling out of a helicopter!

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Who says age debilitates the mind? For 71-year-old Jeffrey Milstein, life is all about taking risks and pursuing the one thing truly close to his heart: aerial photography. In his latest collection, entitled LANY, Milstein has photographed two of the most iconic cities of the United States, Los Angeles and New York, while hanging precariously out of a helicopter. Although some of the scenes have already been made familiar, thanks to Google Earth, the NY-based photographer believes that the unadulterated beauty of these landscapes can be witnessed only when viewed through the proper medium.

Born in Los Angeles, Milstein’s love affair with the sky began when he was a 17-year-old teenager. Having just received his pilot’s license, he flew all over the Hollywood city in a Cessna 150 airplane, taking numerous shots of the area using his Keystone 8mm camera. Orignially an architect, he later turned to photography, as a way of combining his unabating love for the sky and his passion for architecture and design. For his current project, Milstein chose to capture the beauty, of the twin cities, from a helicopter flying at a height of around 2,000 feet above the ground. He said:

You can see the same places on Google, but would you listen to an opera on a cell phone?

The photos, taken on a medium-format camera, show the two cities in all their breathtaking glory. His Flying Over LA series shows the city’s uninterrupted sea of flat-roofed skyscrapers with helipads, the rows of tree-lined boulevards, the neatly-stacked shipping containers that look like Lego bricks and the precisely-spaced bungalows with their turquoise-colored swimming pools. Milstein’s photos of New York, on the other hand, capture the city’s mesmerizing skyline, the sprawling compound of Universal Studios, the grid-patterned city blocks and the glittering neon lights dotting each and every corner. Milstein said:

I want to show things from the perspective that few people get to see, that I find beautiful and fascinating. It’s that view of earth where you see how things relate geometrically, like the Park La Brea housing development – you would never see that amazing, Mason-inspired geometry from the ground.

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Aerial Photos of LA and NYC-3

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Via: Wired

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