Man builds a scale model of a Gothic Italian cathedral with painstakingly accurate details


Previously, we have talked about fascinating LEGO creations and the incredible amounts of details some designers have been able to impart on their works. The above pictured scale model of a late-Gothic Italian cathedral certainly harks back to such complex processes and painstaking patience on the part of the builder. Designed by Ryan McAmis, this miniature church replicates the ‘real deal’ on so many levels, including the demonstration of stained glass windows, vaulted ceilings and the intricate sculptural pieces. These architectural elements in turn are crafted from a range of mundane materials, like – treated paper, clay or even wood.

In fact, according to the designer himself, the aforementioned materials are chosen, hand-etched, and then combined to make a silicon mold. The resultant pieces are then cast in white plastic, and finally painted over by hand.


Suffice it to say, the immaculate process is time-taking and would require years to complete. Luckily, our resourceful designer maintains an Instagram account that details most of the steps that have gone in to finishing the miniature cathedral project. Additionally, you can also check out his website for more images of the development.

Scale_Model_Gothic_Italian_cathedral_2 Scale_Model_Gothic_Italian_cathedral_4 Scale_Model_Gothic_Italian_cathedral_5 Scale_Model_Gothic_Italian_cathedral_6 Scale_Model_Gothic_Italian_cathedral_7 Scale_Model_Gothic_Italian_cathedral_8 Scale_Model_Gothic_Italian_cathedral_10 Scale_Model_Gothic_Italian_cathedral_11 Scale_Model_Gothic_Italian_cathedral_12 Scale_Model_Gothic_Italian_cathedral_9

Via: Curbed / Images Credit: RyanMcAmis

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