Foaster: A faux toaster that can charge your mobile devices, sans the many cables


It is often the mundane that is preferred over outright complexity – when it comes to the daily affairs of our lives. The above pictured Foaster adequately hints as such a setup by posing as the ever-familiar toaster in our kitchen. But in truth, the contraption is designed as a charging dock that can juice up your plethora of mobile devices. Now in terms of practicality, this does make sense, especially since kitchen is one crucial area of the house (among others) that shouldn’t be cluttered with charging extensions and cables. To that end, the Foaster aptly showcases its advantage – by virtue of a very short, hassle-free cable that can be directly plugged into an outlet.


In terms of features, there are quite a few configurable options available for the Foaster. These include the incorporation of various charging ports, ranging from microUSBs to Apple Lightning. The complementing working scope is also pretty simple – you just have to pop in your device inside one of the top two slots (much like a bread slice), and voila, your gadget get charged. Furthermore, in case, the slots are not big enough for your tablets and ‘phablets’, you can press down on the adjacent lever to widen the dock, thus opening up two additional 2.4 amp slots.

The other impressive feature of this charging dock that tickled our fancy, entails the integrated micro-suction technology. The micro-suction foam covers the base, and as such the dock can very easily grip on the usually slippery kitchen counter-tops and other surfaces. So if you are sufficiently enticed by the notion of owning a device-charging faux toaster, do make sure to submit your contact details to the Foaster website for notifications on pre-orders and sales.


Via: DesignTaxi

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