Jerusalem’s skyline will soon be adorned by a stunning pyramid-shaped mixed-use tower


The plan for a stunning glass-and-stone skyscraper, right in the heart of Jerusalem, has been recently approved by the city council. To be built in the vicinity of the Mahane Yehuda market, also known as “Shuk”, the aptly-named Pyramid is envisioned as a triangular mixed-use tower, which will likely become the second-tallest building in the ancient Israeli city.

Designed by Studio Libeskind and Jerusalem-based architect Yigal Levi, the 345-foot (around 105-meter) tall tower will feature a combination of residential units and commercial spaces. According to the developers, the proposed structure will house as many as 200 apartments, an expansive ground-level plaza lined with shops and other retail units, a luxury hotel and restaurant and a rooftop observation deck with breathtaking, panoramic views of the historic city.

The tower’s design reflects Jerusalem’s rich and complex history, with direct references to the city’s unique architectural character and vibrant contemporary culture. Its gradually-tapering shape will help optimize the amount of the light incident on the public plaza, thus creating a sense of spaciousness. What is more, the building’s facade will feature a somewhat-symmetrical geometric pattern, containing a criss-cross of glass and stone sections. Speaking about the project, Daniel Libeskind, the firm’s co-founder, said:

The Pyramid mediates between ancient traditions and myths, while providing a 21st century reinterpretation of that great form. The design complements the context and gives the neighborhood a vibrant public space in the heart of the ancient city.

Slated to open by the year 2019, the Pyramid will eventually become a prominent public space, for locals and tourists alike.




To learn more about the project, head over to Studio Libeskind’s official website.

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