YO! Home flaunts its spatial efficiency with a retractable bed that drops from the ceiling


The very vertical bearing of skyscrapers is born of necessity in some urban scopes, give how such a building can account for more densely-populated trends in smaller areas without congestion. Designer Simon Woodroffe has seemingly applied those very same principles in his YO! Home. As we can make out from the images, the modernism and luxury factors are maintained along the ambit of spatial effectiveness. The end result translates to various user-oriented zones that economize their usable spaces without sacrificing on the comfort level.

This interesting architectural scope ranges from a tiny pocket kitchen that can fold into walls to a pop-up table that serves as a part of the floor. But the ‘piece de resistance’ arguably relates to the retractable bed that moves down from the ceiling to occupy the sofa area – thus combining the living space and the bedroom into a single user zone. And if we look closely enough, the arrangement of the sofas are tailored to supporting (and cushioning) the impact of the bed frame’s weight.


In terms of practicality, the retractable bed is operated by an electrically-powered motor, but can also be tackled manually in case of a power cut. Moreover, this seamless nature of the house’s spatial efficiency is further improved with the integration of hidden storage areas along the floor. When translated to a figure, the entire YO! Home accounts for just an area of 430-sq ft (around 40 sq m).

And the good news is – these features are not just developed for some gimmicky design setup. The core module of the YO! Home is already planned to be adopted in a real 24-floor apartment building in Manchester.

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Via: Contemporist

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