The amazing Sound of Power bust speaker lets you play music from Putin’s head!

Amazing Bust Speaker Lets You Play Music From Putin's Head-1

Fascinated by the solemn, yet majestic, style of classical busts and figurines, Russian artist Petro Wodkins has created a series of unusually impressive bust speakers featuring some of the world’s greatest leaders. Aptly called ‘The Sound of Power’, the collection includes a limited edition of 100 Vladimir Putin speakers, entitled St. Vladimir.

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Each of these bust speakers is carefully hand-crafted in Sweden, using a complex mix of materials that have been chosen for their excellent acoustic qualities. The latest model portrays Vladimir Putin, a man credited with bringing tremendous change to the geopolitical situation of Russia, as well as the rest of the world. With an illustrious career spanning over 25 years, Putin has received numerous awards and medals, including Monaco’s prestigious Order of St. Karl, which he rarely wears in public. In Wodkins’ design, however, Putin is seen wearing the star on his right lapel. The artist said:

[Putin’s] distinct facial characteristics and piercing eyes turn this complex man into a human and powerful speaker… In historical perspective Mr. Putin might be as significant in forcing the Orthodox Church to the Russian people as Vladimir the Great, who baptised Russia in 988 and also known as Saint Vladimir of Kiev. No doubt Mr. Putin’s legacy for the Orthodox Church should be enough to name him St. Vladimir of Moscow in a couple of decades.

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The bust speaker contains a powerful 4” full range FU10RB driver that provides unmatched sound clarity and depth. The specially-designed polypropylene CURV cone further enhances the quality of sound production by offering excellent linear stiffness and a uniform frequency response. The bust features an injection-moulded aluminium framework that provides stability to the entire setup. In an email to HEXAPOLIS, the company’s spokesperson said:

You know these classical figurines and busts in porcelain and plaster that mainly past generations tended to collect? Well, they are back. But with a slightly updated purpose.

Priced at $1230 (approx €1,111), the Sound of Power speakers are currently available for pre-order. Official sales will commence this friday, August 21.


Amazing Bust Speaker Lets You Play Music From Putin's Head-1Amazing Bust Speaker Lets You Play Music From Putin's Head-3

Source: Sound of Power

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