Raw power meets evolved aesthetics in the new P51G2 Combat Fighter


Futuristic, muscular and robust – this in a nutshell defines the P51G2 Combat Fighter, the boisterous bike from Confederate Motorcycles. Designed by Jon Kasse (who was also the mastermind behind the original P51), one could make out the conspicuous allusion to power with the two-wheeler’s aerodynamic bearing bolstered by an imposing scope. This nigh contradiction is also showcased by the two variant wheels of the vehicle. In fact, from the cross-sectional perspective, the rear wheel is almost twice as chunky as its front counterpart, thus making a case for some ‘sui generis’ aesthetics.


Now, beyond intangible symbolism and metaphors, the P51G2 Combat Fighter confidently flaunts its CNC aerospace billet aluminum body, complemented by a fuselage crafted from lightweight and fatigue-resistant monocoque. Additionally, the beast boasts of an air-cooled big block V-twin engine that is accompanied by a five-speed transmission. The commanding setup translates to enviable figures of 170 lb-ft of torque and over 200 horsepower.


As the designers make it clear –

Like its hugely successful predecessor, the Combat Fighter is inspired by the 1960’s rebel, anti-hero and the stripped, raw, chopper he rode. This second-generation Combat Fighter rides on our brand new CX4 architecture, a lighter, tougher evolution of our class leading, patented, drag racing derived powertrain and powertrain mounting system.


Lastly, as for the commercial side of affairs, the P51G2 Combat Fighter will be produced in 61 limited edition models, with 31 of them being created in blonde (with raw machined billet) and 30 being manufactured in black (with raw machined billet anodized black). And as the saying goes – awesomeness never comes cheap; the colored model would set one back by $113,900, while the black would cost $119,500.
P51G2-Combat-Fighter_Confederate-Motorcycles_Power_6 P51G2-Combat-Fighter_Confederate-Motorcycles_Power_5

For more details, take a gander at the Confederate Motorcycles page.

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