Uprite Ergo Sit2Stand Height Adjustable Workstation is ‘tailored’ to reduce back pain

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Today, longer work hours and inflexible working conditions have led to an increased occurrence of serious health issues, among office-goers. Previously, we talked about an innovative concept, called “The End of Sitting”, that seeks to re-define the office as a dynamic space, where chairs and tables are replaced by boulders and rocks, thus allowing a wider range of actions and postures. Equally versatile, albeit more realistic, is the new Uprite Ergo Sit2Stand Height Adjustable Workstation. Unlike similar products currently available in the market, this nifty contraption offers an affordable and convenient solution for people, who are tied to their desks for long stretches of time.

According to recent studies, sitting, for two hours or more, has been shown to elevate the risk of developing colon cancer by nearly 8-percent, that of endometrial cancer by over 10-percent and lung cancer by up to 6-percent. A new study, published on August 19 in the Lancet journal, states that people, with 55-hour workweek, are considerably more susceptible towards stroke and coronary heart disease than others. Furthermore, prolonged sitting often leads to chronic back and shoulder pain as well as obesity, among individuals. To fight these health-threatening ailments, Mosher has come up with an innovative sit to stand workstation that allows users to quickly, and easily, transition from sitting to standing position, while working.

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Apart form being expensive, electric height adjusting desks are quite bulky and inflexible, often requiring a complete replacement of the existing furniture. By contrast, the simple, lightweight and incredibly ergonomic design of the new Sit2Stand workstation ensures easy, and hassle-free, installation. Featuring a durable anodized aluminium surface, the desk comes in three models: a Single Monitor Sit2Stand for computers weighing 12 lbs (or 5.5 kg), Heavy Duty Sit2Stand that supports monitors up to 22 lbs (around 10 kg) in weight and the strengthened Dual Monitor version which, as the name suggests, can hold two 10 lbs monitors.

The height adjustable desk can be placed on an existing table or can be extended to its full length for those who prefer to work while standing. To help reduce eye strain, the developers have included a specially-built VESA mount, upon which the monitor can be securely attached. The design also features a slide-out platform that can easily accommodate a notepad, a calculator, a phone or any other object. Available in two colors, black and silver, the product is currently undergoing a Kickstarter campaign.

Interested buyers can pre-order the standard Sit2Station desk for $250 or can visit Uprite Ergo’s official website.

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