Guy mods Hulkbuster into GTA V’s megacity of Los Santos


In case you missed, back in July, the resourceful JulioNIB had created a wonderful Iron Man mod for the GTA V that changes the HUD of the game, along with the inclusion of the armor and arsenal of the flying superhero. And, now he has followed it with some pomp and boisterousness – as is evident from the Hulkbuster mod. As one can discern from the name, this GTA V modification allows you put on the robust ‘Hulk-busting’ suit of armor and unleash mayhem on the graphically serene city of Los Santos.


By mayhem, we of course mean flying nonchalantly above the city streets and gleefully hurling cars towards helicopters. And, we would sincerely hope for Hulk to show up in the next mod – to counter this contraption, and ‘save’ the city (though that would go against the plot/CGI choreography shown in Age of Ultron). And, if you are still not impressed by the shenanigans of the virtual Hulkbuster, you can cough up $21,000 for a 10-ft tall full-scale replica of the imposing armor suit.

Via: Gamespot

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