Artist Hirothropologie creates stunningly-detailed paintings that look like huge photographs

Paintings by Hirothropologie-1

Since its emergence in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the genre of photorealism has become extremely popular among artists and audience, alike. For artist Hirothropologie, it is not merely an aesthetically-pleasing art form, but an entire life’s work. His creations include spectacular large-scale paintings that accentuate every minute detail of the female figure. Speaking about his artwork, Hirothropologie confessed:

I put my entire life in it.

Thanks to the massive technological advancements, in the last decade or so, artists now have a set of incredibly precise tools, which allow them to reproduce every tiny freckle, facial line and even the finest strands of hair. When it comes to his paintings, Hirothropologie’s expertise lies in creating stunning life-like portraits, using a combination of remarkably uniform brushstrokes and colors.

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To know more about the artist, check his Instagram page.

Via: My Modern Met

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