12 mindbogglingly massive LEGO creations that really take it to the next level

6) Full-Sized Working LEGO Car With Compressed Air Engine –

Biggest_LEGO_Creations_LEGO_Car_Compressed_Air_Engine_1 Biggest_LEGO_Creations_LEGO_Car_Compressed_Air_Engine_2

Touted as the world’s first full-size LEGO car, the above pictured contrivance is christened as the ‘Super Awesome Micro Project‘ – and boy, awesome it is! Designed by the collaborative effort of Australian Steve Sammartino and Romanian Raul Oaida (that took over 20 months to complete), the $22,000 LEGO creation is built from a whopping 500,000 plastic bricks. And if these aspects weren’t impressive enough, the LEGO car can make its way to a top speed of 30 km/hr (18.6 mph), all powered by its LEGO-made engine. This crucial device is divided into four orbital components, with each comprising 64 cylinders and pistons!

5) 24-ft Long LEGO USS Missouri –

Biggest_LEGO_Creations_LEGO-USS_Missouri_24_ft_1 Biggest_LEGO_Creations_LEGO-USS_Missouri_24_ft_2

4 ft 6 inches high, 3 ft wide and 24 ft 3 inches long – this makes up for the gargantuan volume of the LEGO USS Missouri created by Scottish fisherman and naval enthusiast Jim McDonough. The real counterpart to this LEGO creation took part in crucial Second World War engagements, including theaters like Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Interestingly, USS Missouri (or ‘Mighty Mo’) also took part in the Korean War, and was completely refurbished for marine-based support during Operation Desert Storm (1990 – 91). But beyond history, the LEGO variant of the USS Missouri boasts over 10,000 parts, a motorized stern crane, a bridge with working lights, and over 3 years of workmanship behind it.

4) LEGO Kennedy Space Center –

Biggest_LEGO_Creations_Kennedy_Space_Center_1 Biggest_LEGO_Creations_Kennedy_Space_Center_2

Boasting its 1,506 sq ft of expansive space, the LEGO Kennedy Space Center (built from 750,000 LEGO bricks) comprises a 6.13 ft tall Space Shuttle installed on the launch pad and a space center with a 9 ft-long Saturn 1B rocket. This spatial ambit is complemented by a Vehicle Assembly Building with dimensions 8 ft (long) x 6 ft (high) x 5 ft (wide), or 240 cubic ft – which in turn is built from over 50,000 LEGO bricks. And, as they say – awesomeness never comes easy; the entire LEGO creation took over 2,500 hours to build.

3) The LEGO Allianz Arena –

Einblick in den Nachbau der Allianz Arena aus LEGO Steinen im MI IMG_1054 IMG_1051

Often touted as the largest LEGO building in the world (which may be the case in ‘official’ terms), the LEGO Allianz Arena is a grand replication of the original Allianz Arena football (soccer) stadium built for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. And just to give an idea of this ‘grandeur’, the LEGO creation accounts for a volume of 22.5 cubic m or 794 cubic ft, and weighs over 1.5 tons. And if you thought this was impressive, wait for more – the entire stadium is constructed from 1.3 million LEGO bricks, while also consisting of 30,000 mini-figures inside its gargantuan volume. This imposing scope (requiring 4,209 work-hours) is bolstered on the visual level with the incorporation of 5,000 working LEDs that mimic the lighting scheme of the original stadium.

2) Full-Sized LEGO House –

Biggest_LEGO_Creations_James_May_LEGO_house_1 Biggest_LEGO_Creations_James_May_LEGO_house_2 Biggest_LEGO_Creations_James_May_LEGO_house_3

Patronized by Top Gear presenter James May, the full-sized LEGO House was built by an ‘extended’ group of 1,000 volunteers, with the fantastical habitation being set up inside Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking, Surrey. As can be comprehended from its volume, the plastic house rises up to 20 ft, and was constructed from an astronomical 3.3 million LEGO bricks! The sheer number allowed the designers to contrive many a component inside the dwelling, including tables, utensils, a bed, and even an adorable cat. However, the entire LEGO creation had to be knocked down due to a fallout between May and Legoland managers of Britain.

1) World’s Tallest LEGO Tower –

Biggest_LEGO_Creations_ World_Tallest_LEGO_Tower_1 Biggest_LEGO_Creations_ World_Tallest_LEGO_Tower_2

Built by the collaborative effort of official LEGO builders from Denmark and the local townsfolk at Budapest, Hungary, the world’s tallest LEGO tower proudly rises to an impressive height of 34.76 m (114 ft). Strategically located in front of the famed St. Stephen’s Basilica, the ‘towering’ LEGO creation was constructed from 450,000 multi-colored bricks, and aptly topped off with the Rubik’s Cube (originally invented by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik). In essence, the massive tower epitomized the culmination of the world’s top-selling toy-puzzle (which is Rubik’s Cube) and the world’s most powerful brand (which is LEGO).

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