Freedom Yurt-Cabins: The modernistic ‘nomadic shelters’ with the tough quotient


When it comes to outdoor habitation, we have harped about various interesting designs ranging from the luxurious to the innovative. Well, time time around, the contrivance in question extends to the scope of toughness. We are talking about Freedom Yurt-Cabins – sturdy outdoor units that can be best described as the modernistic take on nomadic shelters. To that end, the product’s credentials go beyond the ‘yurt‘ moniker, with the inclusion of features like effective insulation and energy-efficient window openings.

However, the primary advantage showcased by the Freedom Yurt-Cabins arguably pertain to their state of hardiness. Such structural benefits are derived from a round-wood framework (crafted from high-strength Lodgepole pine) and an integrated floor system that eschews the need for concrete foundations. This is complemented by cedar-textured walls made of SIPs (structural insulated panels) and 2-inch thick fiberglass insulation that boast thermal resistance of R-9.7.

The accompanying ceiling support consists of interiors rafters made of Lodgepole pine dowels, while the actual ceiling comprises plywood roof sheathing for the ‘cabin feel’. Finally, the Freedom Yurt-Cabins are topped off with nifty looking roof systems composed of lightweight steel rings. Beyond just aesthetics, these are being bolstered by heavy duty vinyl roofs (DuraLast variety) and clear acrylic roof domes.


Now, according to the designers themselves, the Freedom Yurt-Cabins can be installed over the period of the weekend by just two-three people. Furthermore, the cabins have lesser environmental impact due to their avoidance of cement-based foundations (thus also accelerating the setting up process). As for practicality, the installed yurt can function as a low-maintenance space that can be used as a workspace, makeshift bedroom, and even an event-zone. And if you do want to go for the customized flair, you can just as easily contact one of the designers for an open interior-plan that can be realized through third-party contractors.

Lastly, as for pricing side of affairs, there are three variant models – with the 217 sq ft (20 sq m) 12-wall model coming at $11,995; the 14-wall 296 sq ft (27 sq m) model coming at $13,995; and the 16-wall 376 sq ft (35 sq m) model coming at $15,995. For more details, take a gander at this link.

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