Let’s raise our glasses to the ‘glass’ that will allow sipping of whiskey in microgravity


Those who have had the fortune of reading Tintin: Explorers on the Moon (you can check the animated version here), would know the predicament of consuming liquor when moving in space. But with whiskey comes style, and so, tiny blobs of these venerable drink floating around in your cabin simply won’t do justice to the very act of consuming the liquor. Well, Ballantine has the classy solution for such astronaut problems, and it comes in the shape of a glass designed by Open Space Agency’s James Parr.

To that end, the special glass holds your whiskey along its base surface – by making use of a convex steel base-plate coated with rose gold. This creates a greater surface tension that doesn’t allow the whiskey to escape in blobs when kept in the glass under very low gravity conditions. But how can the delectable whiskey slid along the side surface of this glass, to make its way to your mouth? Well, the designers have a solution for this too, in the form of a spiral channel etched into this side surface. This allows for the guided ‘flow’ of the liquor along the channel (to your mouth) without causing those bothersome blobs.


As for the material of the glass itself, the cup is crafted from 3D printed medical-grade PLA plastic, while being complemented by a metallic mouth clip that provides the sensation of the coldness of a ‘glass’. Other accompanying features include a one-way valve at the bottom for prevention of leaking and a magnet along the base that would keep the glass affixed to metal tables. And lastly, in case you are interested in more details, you can take a gander at the design instructions over at Medium.

Via: Engadget

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