Cupertino shopping mall to be remodeled to house the world’s largest green roof

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Sand Hill Property Company, the owner of the Vallco Shopping Mall in Cupertino, California, has recently unveiled plans to transform the 50-acre (around 20-hectare) site into a spectacular mixed-use complex, featuring the world’s largest green roof. The $3 billion development project, currently being called the “Hills at Vallco”, proposes the construction of a bustling grid-style town square, with an attractive mix of commercial, office and residential buildings.

According to Sand Hill officials, NYC-based Rafael Viñoly Architects and OLIN Landscape Architects have been entrusted with the enormous task of remodeling the existing mall into a larger and more dynamic public space, housing over 625,000-square-feet of entertainment and retail area, nearly 2-million square feet of office space and as many as 680 apartments. Chief among the project’s proposals, however, is the idea of an expansive green roof, claimed to be the largest the world has ever seen. Speaking about the Hills at Vallcro development, Reed Moulds, of Sand Hill, said:

There will be nothing like it when we are done. We believe its community focus will make this a remarkable place to live, work, dine, play, learn and recreate… The housing reflects our community — market rate for tech workers and young families, affordable housing for our teachers and firefighters, and quality housing reserved for our seniors.

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Measuring around 30 acres (approx. 12.1 hectares) in area, the $300-million verdant space would stretch right from the street level up to the rooftops of the new buildings. Open to both the residents and the general public, the roof’s lush gardens, orchads and vineyards would be reflective of the city’s agricultural past. Additionally, the plan would include an amphitheater, a children’s playground and also, 3.8-mile (or 6.1 km) long jogging and walking trail.

Many of the site’s existing attractions, like the AMC movie theater, fitness club, bowling alley and ice rink, would be retained in the new scheme. The architects are also planning to construct a market hall as well as a separate area for movie nights and farmers’ market. The project seeks to win a LEED Platinum certification for its impressive eco-friendly credentials, including the use of recycled water for the purpose of irrigation, heating and cooling as well as sustainable rainwater collection. The green roof would feature special, drought-tolerant trees and plants, as a way of further decreasing the total water consumption.

To help develop a greater sense of community, Sand Hill Property would contribute nearly $40 million for the construction of two new schools in the area. Moulds added:

Our decision is a result of what we know about the community, the needs we have discovered in talking to school officials, and our long-standing desire to invest in (the) schools in this community.

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Via: San Jose Mercury News

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