Man breaks record by creating the world’s largest arcade machine


What is 4.41 m (14.46 ft) tall and 1.06 m (3.47 ft) deep, and could fit the equivalent of 112 bath tubs of water? Well, the simple answer is – the world’s largest arcade machine that has already etched its name in the Guinness World Records. Proudly created by Jason Camberis, a 44-year old Network Engineer from Chicago, the hulking contraption is touted to stand taller than a fully grown African elephant! But beyond the gargantuan size factor, the machine is well worth its gaming credentials – with its capacity to play over 200 arcade classics, ranging from Pac-Man to Dragon Spirit.

As one can comprehend from the images, the bells-and-whistles of the world’s largest arcade machine are complemented by an array of flashing lights, giant buttons and a massive 16-inch glass track ball. However, if you are seriously considering showcasing your arcade gaming prowess in this machine, you might have to use a ladder to reach out for these affably glowing controls.


Lastly, as for the creator himself, Camberis can be seen as an expert of sorts when it comes to retro gaming contraptions – since he has already sold many of his customized arcade machines and even security systems. And this time around, his inspiration for crafting the world’s largest arcade machine was simple enough –

I wanted to bring joy and happiness to people, and my arcade machine certainly makes people smile. My wife wonders what I will do next but I already have a plan!

Source: Guinness World Records

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