The massive 3,415 ft Valravn rollercoaster will shatter a plethora of world records


It is not often that a massive contrivance goes on to break a world record, especially when the technological realm is moving at such a fast pace. Well, the above pictured Valravn rollercoaster will break not one, but a whopping ten world records! Situated inside the Cedar Point theme park (in the city of Sandusky, Ohio), the gargantuan construction (pronounced val-rey-vuhn) designed by Bolliger & Mabillard, will claim the honors of being “the world’s tallest, fastest and longest dive coaster” among others. When translated to numbers, the enormous dive coaster (a rollercoaster with vertical drops) will go up to a height of 223 ft (68 m), will achieve top-speeds of of 75 mph (121 km/h), and will boast an extensive 3,415 ft (1,041 m) of length.

The ‘piece de resistance’ of the ride arguably relates to its sheer 90-degrees drop – an intense experience that entails a free-fall from a height of around 20 floors after a spine-tingling pause of four seconds. The scope of exhilaration however doesn’t stop there, with the machine continuing on its merry way with the half-loop and turn. Extreme G-forces will continue to ‘afflict’ the passengers as they further go through a 125-ft plunge and then endure the numerous twists and turns for two more times. All of these ‘heightened’ actions (excuse the pun) will occur over a period of 3 minutes 23 seconds, while the ride covers the aforementioned crazy distance of 3,415 ft (1,041 m).


Now, in case you are wondering, the entire Valravn dive coaster is constructed from sturdy materials, including tarnished copper and silver steel. And interestingly, beyond its own scope, the rollercoaster will also contribute to a few world records for the Cedar Point theme park, including the category for the most roller coasters taller than 200 ft (61 m) being located at one amusement park (five) and the most rides inside one amusement park (72).

Finally, as for the Valravn dive coaster, the humongous rollercoaster is expected to make its commercial debut by May of next year (2016). And, when it does, the energetic ride will blast through a plethora of records – including the highest inversion on a rollercoaster, longest drop on a dive coaster and most inversions on a ride.

Valravn_Rollercoaster_World_Record_Cedar_Point_2 Valravn_Rollercoaster_World_Record_Cedar_Point_3 Valravn_Rollercoaster_World_Record_Cedar_Point_5 Valravn_Rollercoaster_World_Record_Cedar_Point_6 Valravn_Rollercoaster_World_Record_Cedar_Point_7

Source: Cedar Point (Press Release)

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