The ‘sculptural’ Rocky shelving unit flaunts its optical illusion


For some, optical illusion has a charm of its own. The above pictured Rocky shelving unit (designed by Charles Kalpakian) takes advantage of this trend, while exhibiting a simple, accessible flair that is intrinsic to the design. The result is a combination of angular boxes arranged along sculptural lines. However, beyond mere the quotient of expected stylishness, it is the ‘puzzling’ visual impact that endows credence to this familiar home-based unit.

Now, in terms of designing the shelving unit, Kalpakian used 3D printed prototypes that would define the angular scope of the installation. These slanting feature was finally bolstered by steel frames that would endow the much needed structural sturdiness to the unit. And of course, beyond the ambit of physical structure, it is the teasing nature of the Rocky shelving unit that ultimately ‘plays’ with the user’s perception of space and volume.

Lastly, as for the practical side of affairs, the Rocky shelving unit measures 37 x 55 x 14-inches (or 94 x 140 x 36 cm). Judging by the dimensions, the unit is spatially effective for most parts of your house, be it the living room or the bedroom. And if the scope of optical illusion is not enough for you, the furniture also comes in different vivacious colors, ranging from mat lacquered black, blue to aluminum grey.

Rocky_Shelving_Unit_Optical_Illusion_1 Rocky_Shelving_Unit_Optical_Illusion_2 Rocky_Shelving_Unit_Optical_Illusion_3 Rocky_Shelving_Unit_Optical_Illusion_4 Rocky_Shelving_Unit_Optical_Illusion_5 Rocky_Shelving_Unit_Optical_Illusion_6

For more info, do take a gander at the impressive collection here.

Via: DesignBoom

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