x2 Sport: The world’s first wearable jet pack for underwater action sports

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If you are a fan of underwater action sports, the new x2 Sport Underwater Jet Pack is just the thing for you! Claimed to be the world’s first wearable rocket pack for underwater use, it allows you to go further into the ocean, in just a single breath, without the need for carrying any kind of scuba gear. Featuring a powerful propulsion system, this nifty 3D-printed contraption is ideal for snorkeling and long-duration diving.

The idea, for the x2 Sport, was first conceived back in 2012, by London-based duo, Chris and Simon Parke of S.C.P. Marine Innovation. Unlike a regular jet pack, however, it is intended for use underwater, by swimmers, free-divers, snorkelers as well as extreme sport aficionados. Its design includes robust Hydra thrusters that propel you forward, thus enabling you to stay in the water for extended periods of time. The system comes in two parts: a backpack containing an integrated control unit and a set of 24V 24Ah batteries, and a pair of thrusters, with silicone mounting cuffs, that can strapped to both arms.

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To maneuver underwater, all you need to do is point your arms out in a particular direction. A small throttle grip, with analogue trigger, allows the user to alter the speed, which can reach a maximum of 6 mph (around 10 kph). The 5kg jet pack generates a thrust of nearly 40 kg, and can operate for a total of 60 minutes on a single charge. In order to ensure safety during free diving, the system is programmed to raise an alarm once the user goes beyond a depth of 10 m from the water surface. What is more, those, who wish to test their acrobatic skills underwater, can safely perform a variety of moves, including twists, spins and rolls.

According to the developers, the device offers users an intense underwater experience, similar to skydiving. Currently undergoing a crowd-funding campaign, at Indiegogo, the x2 Sport Jet Pack is produced via a simple and efficient 3D-printing process. It is available in five different colors, with prices starting from about $2000. In the coming months, the company will modify the design to create a next-generation four-thruster jet pack system, known as x4 Sport.

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Source: Indiegogo

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