The imposing Ravel Plaza Amsterdam from MVRDV, fuses glass with greenery


The shimmering flatness of glass complemented by jutting angular balconies – this in a nutshell defines the visual impact of Ravel Plaza Amsterdam, a foliage-covered high-rise complex conceptualized for the city’s financial district. Proposed by Rotterdam-based architectural firm MVRDV (in collaboration with property developer OVG Real Estate), the incredible design was ceremoniously selected by the municipality. In other words, we could very well see an imposing architectural specimen in Amsterdam in the near future, with its mixed-use zones incorporating apartments, offices and commercial areas.

However beyond the flurry of conventional user spaces, the ‘piece de resistance’ of the Ravel Plaza Amsterdam arguably pertains to its uniquely conceived shape. To that end, the building displays its singular scope while at a same time being divided into three separate forms (conjoined at their bases). Each of these ‘towers’ showcase their combination of flat glass facades and jutting arrangements that comprise the living spaces with their greenery.

According to the architects, these dwelling spaces provide the focal point of the entire design, thus alluding the ambit of healthy urban living. To that end, all of the apartments overlook the thriving part of the city. But their expansive views are interspersed by the projecting balconies with their green vegetation. In essence, the inhabitants of the Ravel Plaza Amsterdam can dwell in their separately lush ‘ecology’ while being a part of the metropolitan city. As MVRDV co-founder Winy Maas, said –

We combined the quality of living in a green environment with the central location and the excitement of an urban environment in this unique location.


Via: DesignBoom / Images Credit: A2Studio

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