Dubai all set to get a skyscraper with integrated artificial beach and a rainforest


When it comes to the architectural exploits of Dubai, we have been witness to residential towers with ski-slopes and offices that are fully 3D printed. Well, this time around, the latest super-tower project to adorn this city is planned to have both an artificial beach and a rainforest – all inside the confines of the desert area! Christened as the Rosemont Towers, the duo of buildings (rising to 47 floors) are envisioned to be connected at their bases via an expansive five-story podium. Designed by Kieferle & Partner in collaboration with ZAS Group, the collective mega-structure will incorporate a slew of spatial features, including 450 hotel guest rooms and 280 key-serviced apartments.

These living quarters will be accompanied by the usual ritzy architectural components like a sky lobby and a sky pool. But the ‘piece de resistance’ of the Rosemont Towers arguably pertains to the incorporation of an entire artificial beach, which is to be complemented by a rainforest like landscape perched atop the expansive podium. Such ostentatious considerations are bolstered by the sheer spatial scope of the mega-structure, with its base area of 13,000 sq m (or 140,000 sq ft). And, all of the design layout will account for an opulent front along the Sheikh Road in Al Thanyah First.


As a ZAS Group spokesperson made it clear –

The architecture of the building will represent today, in a city where smart and chic structures have contributed greatly to the destination. The intention of creating an active frontage on Sheikh Zayed Road side is achieved by a common podium proportioning the towers over as a pedestal, as modernism dominates the design.

Lastly, as for the current state of affairs, the construction project has already started for the Rosemont Towers. And when completed, they will form a part of the sixth-best skyline in the world – an honor accorded to Dubai by the data management firm Emporis.

Rosemont_Towers_Dubai_artificial_rainforest_3 Rosemont_Towers_Dubai_artificial_rainforest_7 Rosemont_Towers_Dubai_artificial_rainforest_4 Rosemont_Towers_Dubai_artificial_rainforest_5 Rosemont_Towers_Dubai_artificial_rainforest_9 Rosemont_Towers_Dubai_artificial_rainforest_10

Via: Emirates247

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