History juxtaposed over present: Nick Sullivan does it with nigh perfection


Esquire’s fashion director Nick Sullivan does have an eye for immaculate settings even it comes to ‘overlapping’ different time periods. Now, before we sound more like a Doctor Who character, the photographer’s penchant for showcasing our past through our present, is quite evident from these series of images. As we can comprehend from the pictures, the past scope of each photograph is almost perfectly lined up with its present counterpart. These matching points usually comprise a landmark or buildings that are ‘harmonized’ in both the historical image and the present image. Their resultant mashup photos give us a glimpse into how the world has changed in terms of people and yet remains unaffected when it comes to inanimate objects.

Of course, in this case, this juxtaposition of past and present is rather enriched with the inclusion of many famous personalities in the photographs. Ranging from Bob Dylan, Gary Grant to The Beatles and Muhammad Ali, the black-and-white images do hark to the ‘colorful’ side of mankind. In essence, the mashup photos preserve those unique yet fleeting parcels of history, ironically with the aid of still-present surroundings and environments.

Now interestingly, this is not exactly the first set of overlapping mashup photos that we have come across. So, in case the intriguing combination of late 18th century Paris and adventure video games tickles you fancy, take a gander this set of overlapping photos that mash up Assassin’s Creed Unity and present-day landmarks.

Nick_Sullivan_Mashup_Photos_Past_Present_1 Nick_Sullivan_Mashup_Photos_Past_Present_2 Nick_Sullivan_Mashup_Photos_Past_Present_3 Nick_Sullivan_Mashup_Photos_Past_Present_4 Nick_Sullivan_Mashup_Photos_Past_Present_5 Nick_Sullivan_Mashup_Photos_Past_Present_6 Nick_Sullivan_Mashup_Photos_Past_Present_7 Nick_Sullivan_Mashup_Photos_Past_Present_8 Nick_Sullivan_Mashup_Photos_Past_Present_9 Nick_Sullivan_Mashup_Photos_Past_Present_10 Nick_Sullivan_Mashup_Photos_Past_Present_11 Nick_Sullivan_Mashup_Photos_Past_Present_12 Nick_Sullivan_Mashup_Photos_Past_Present_13 Nick_Sullivan_Mashup_Photos_Past_Present_14 Nick_Sullivan_Mashup_Photos_Past_Present_15 Nick_Sullivan_Mashup_Photos_Past_Present_16

Source: Instagram (Nick Sullivan) / Via: PhotoJojo 

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