Meet STEMI, an innovative walking hexapod robot that can be built by a 13-year-old!

STEMI A Hexapod Robot That Can Be Built By A 13-Year-Old!--3

If you are a Robotics enthusiast, and have always wanted to build one yourself, now is the time. Croatia-based software engineer Marin Troselj and his team have created an innovative hexapod robot that is incredibly easy to assemble (one only needs to follow the instructions provided in the kit) and can be controlled using your smartphone. Deriving its name from STEM, short for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, the STEMI walking robot is a complete learning experience for children and adults alike.

STEMI Hexapod Robot

For four years before creating STEMI, the developers worked at Croatia-based non-profit organization, Bura Znanja (meaning “wind of knowledge”), building an educational technology company that strives to improve society by making learning a fun process. According to the team, assembling the robot will teach the user a lot about 3D modelling, arduino programming, electronics, engineering and mobile app programming. What is more, the entire platform will be Open Access, with all of the design blueprints, source code and 3D models available for anyone to use and configure.

STEMI A Hexapod Robot That Can Be Built By A 13-Year-Old!-2

Although meant primarily for kids above the age of 13, STEMI is quite advanced and can perform a range of complex movements, like changing height, walking in three nature-inspired ways and even dancing. A specially-designed smartphone app allows the user to control the robot’s movements by simply tilting the phone in a particular direction. Each kit contains the different components that make up the robot as well as a set of detailed multimedia lessons that assist the user during assembly. The product is currently up for crowdfunding at Indiegogo, with prices starting from around $235 for a basic STEMI kit.

STEMI A Hexapod Robot That Can Be Built By A 13-Year-Old!-1

STEMI A Hexapod Robot That Can Be Built By A 13-Year-Old!--3

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