House with glass facades suspended across a ravine, in a eucalyptus forest in Argentina


‘A very shallow ravine flows into a forested lake, and a simple house entirely hangs across its mouth like some venerable bridge that overlooks the paradisiacal water’. Now while the sentence may not carry too much of Tolkien-esque value (in spite of the writer’s trying), it is entirely true – when it comes to the pavilion/living space design created by the architects over at Argentinian studio Alarciaferrer Arquitectos. Almost guarding the famed Lake Los Molinos, the evocative habitat situated inside a eucalyptus forest, is built across the small banks of a very small ravine that meets the water body.

Simply put, the house in question here performs the function of a suspended bridge, while upholding its bigger purpose as a shelter that acts as a communal living room (supposedly envisioned for holiday development along the lake edges). So in terms of design, the habitat has a ‘longitudinal’ bearing that consists of glass facades on both of its extensive fronts, thus allowing for an open plan building. And since we are talking about the structural layout, the weight of the house is credibly supported by metal Vierendeel trusses that are balanced at the horizontal ends by two seamlessly textured concrete pedestals projecting from the banks.


As for the interior credentials of the ravine-suspended habitat, the pavilion comprises a dining area, a lounging zone, and a kitchen. These user area are complemented by dark wood paneling and peach-hued lighting. And to complete the stylish ambiance, the space is further furnished with Eames dining chairs, glass tables and leather upholstery. In any case, suffice it to say, it is the evocative ‘external’ embodiment of the habitat that basks in the glory of the day – with its modernist flair providing a pleasant contrast in the serene, rustic setting of the eucalyptus forest. As the architects made it clear –

The place is a privileged landscape where the eucalyptus forest provides a unique atmosphere. The glass enclosure generates reflection or full transparency depending on daylight.

House_Suspended_Ravine_Lake_Eucalyptus_Forest_Argentina_1 House_Suspended_Ravine_Lake_Eucalyptus_Forest_Argentina_3 House_Suspended_Ravine_Lake_Eucalyptus_Forest_Argentina_2 House_Suspended_Ravine_Lake_Eucalyptus_Forest_Argentina_4 House_Suspended_Ravine_Lake_Eucalyptus_Forest_Argentina_7 House_Suspended_Ravine_Lake_Eucalyptus_Forest_Argentina_6

Via: Dezeen / All Images Credit: Lucas Carranza

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