Google develops technology that makes its self-driving car incredibly safe around kids

Google's Self-Driving Cars Are Incredibly Safe Around Kids-1

In addition to its ability to maneuver itself, Google’s self-driving car is as cautious as a human driver when it comes to driving around children. Thanks to a set of advanced software and sensors, these driveless cars are incredibly well-equipped in understanding and recognizing children’s behavior and movements.

Kids are usually quite restless, often darting in front of moving vehicles or even racing down sidewalks. More often than not, they are found hiding behind parked cars. The new technology makes Google’s self-driving car even smarter, enabling it to easily detect objects present around it. Using specially-developed sensors and software, it then predicts the behavior of these objects, thus ensuring smooth and safe navigation.

Google recently invited kids, dressed in elaborate Halloween costumes, to hang out around its driveless cars, as a way of allowing the newly-created sensors and software to become more familiar with children of all shapes and sizes. The company writes:

So even if our cars can’t quite appreciate the effort the kids put in dressing as their favorite character from Frozen, they’re still paying full attention!

Google's Self-Driving Cars Are Incredibly Safe Around Kids-2

Source: Google

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