These innovative expandable windows fold out into outdoor seats in small apartments

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People living in small apartments, especially the ones located in densely-populated cities, often have to forgo the luxury of fresh air and direct sunlight. Argentinian architect Aldana Ferrer Garcia has come up with innovative window concepts that help maximize the availability of natural lighting in a room, while also providing the occupants a chance to relax and enjoy the outdoor scenery.

A graduate of the University of Buenos Aires, Garcia completed her Masters of Industrial Design degree at New York-based Pratt Institute in May this year. Developed as part of her master’s thesis, the current project, known as More Sky, deftly combines the principles of architecture and design. Comprised of carefully-shaped twisting and expanding sections, these windows are incredibly flexible and, can easily adapt to both the wall cavity and the human body. Speaking about the project, the designer said:

More Sky is a cozy corner for the home that provides visual relief, access to sunlight and fresh air for small apartments. As an attempt to understand the threshold between ID and architecture, this project is conceived as an object and a space at the same time, responding to current needs in densely populated cities.

The systems are compatible with existing window types, which in turn makes for easy, hassle-free installation. Garcia has developed three different window designs, namely hopper, casement and awning. Each of them acts as a transitional space between indoors and outdoors, allowing the residents to enjoy the beauty of sunlight right from the comfort of their homes.

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