CORESEAL: An innovative self-repairing tire design that features a layer of sealant underneath the tread

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Flat tires can be a nuisance, especially when one is in a hurry to reach somewhere. Fret not, the new CORESEAL self-repairing tire is here for your rescue. Developed by Japan-based Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd., this innovative tire features a layer of sealant that automatically fills and seals any puncture inflicted on the tire tread, thereby preventing air leakage.

The CORESEAL concept is only one of the two technologies developed by the company, with the other being an airless tire design called GYROBLADE. Created as part of Sumitomo’s long-term mission, “How Tires Can Contribute to the Global Environment”, these advanced technologies focus on making tires more eco-friendly and fuel-efficient. In addition to increased driving safety, they help save energy and resources by eliminating the need to carry spare tires.

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The GYROBLADE Airless Tire Technology comes in the form of a metallic tire that is lined on the outside by a regular tire tread and, surrounded on the inside by specially-designed resin spokes. Thanks to its unique design, the contraption functions like any other tire, while being completely airless. Apart from eliminating maintenance costs as well as the need for spare tires, it greatly reduces safety concerns over improperly-inflated tires.

As its name suggests, the company’s CORESEAL tire design features a 3 mm-thick layer of sealant (basically, a substance with high viscosity and adhesiveness) underneath the tire tread. Thus every time the tread is punctured, the special sealant automatically flows outward and fills the hole, thereby stopping the air from leaking. What is more, it is capable of repairing a punctured tire, even when the nail is stuck in it. Removing the nail actually causes it to immediately block any residual hole in the tire. The sealant can repair holes up to around 5 mm in diameter.

The CORESEAL technology, which can be easily adapted to currently-available varieties of tire, was displayed at the recent 44th Tokyo Motor Show, held between October 30 and November 8. The company’s spokesperson said:

We have already developed basic technologies. We will develop mass production technologies, aiming to commercialize the tire in two or three years.

Source: Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd.

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