Tentsile Flite: The lightweight ‘treehouse’ that can be carried in your backpack


Previously, we have harped about the Tentsile Vista, an incredible above-the-ground tent with ‘multi-storeyed’ credentials. This time around, the resourceful designers are back with another outdoor conception in the form of Tentsile Flite. Bridging the gap between a hammock and a conventional tent, the Flite is envisioned as a lightweight counterpart to earlier Tentsile products. The end result pertains to a backpack-haulable shelter mechanism that uniquely acts as a portable treehouse with low-cost credentials.

The portability factor of the Flite is defined by its dimensions, which measures only measures 45 x 15 x 15 cm (18 x 6 x 6 in) when packed in a bag. But this compact ambit extends to an impressive 2.5 x 3.5 m (8 x 11 ft) of cloth, which further transforms into an actual floor area (consisting of polyester-nylon composite) of 40 sq ft when fully installed. This is complemented by the setup’s 3.3 kg of weight which can incredibly withstand a maximum payload of 220 kg (485 lb) – thus corresponding to two adults.


Since we brought up the scope of installation, the Flite can be easily set up within 10 minutes, by strapping its angular projections to the tree branches. Simply put, one needs to find an area that roughly corresponds to a triangular space with three trees at the points (see above image). The Flite can then be tethered to the trees by using the end-straps, while the entire ‘treehouse’ tent is kept taut above the ground (at a height of 4 ft) with the help of a single ratchet. This suspended nature is accompanied by a bent aluminum pole that stretches across at top to support the makeshift roof.

Finally, coming to the commercial side of affairs, each Tentsile Flite Tent will set you back by $350. In case you are interested, the pre-orders will commence from 10th December of this year, while availability is expected to start from January, 2016. For more info, take a gander at the official product page.

Tentsile_Flit_Lightweight_Treehouse_Tent_Backpack_1 Tentsile_Flit_Lightweight_Treehouse_Tent_Backpack_3 Tentsile_Flit_Lightweight_Treehouse_Tent_Backpack_5 Tentsile_Flit_Lightweight_Treehouse_Tent_Backpack_6

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