Hasbro introduces its range of oddball robotic cats with ‘realistic’ features

History has proven that people are willing to lose bloody battles due to their penchant for cats. Well this time around, Hasbro has proven that technology can keep up with such creepy levels of ‘cat affability’ found in humans – courtesy of their Joy For All range of robotic cats. Yes, you read that right – robotic cats! Supposedly boasting conventional feline behavior that encompasses those purring and meowing sessions, the cuddly automaton also flaunts its realistic fur which endows it with an seemingly authentic (and tad bizarre) flair.


Now of course, the question arises – why opt for a robot when you can get the real thing? In that regard, the Joy For All has its own set of advantages, especially for the fussy type pet-owners among us. Simply put, the furry device won’t shed its fur, hide its poop, or scratch your hands and face due to some oddball whimsical thought train (found in ‘normal’ cats).


Moreover, the designers have looked forth to more ‘realistic’ features, like the integration of touch sensitive sensors. So when you feel like pampering and cuddling your bantam automaton, the cat can seemingly respond by purring and probably rolling over. The behavioral pattern is further streamlined with the cat even going to battery-saving sleep when you are not around the house.

The downside to all of these obviously relates to the fact that you be stuck with a dead-eyed contraption. But in case you are interested, the Hasbro robotic cat comes in three color schemes – Creamy White Cat, Silver Cat with White Mitts or Orange Tabby Cat. Each of the specimens will set you back by $100 (in Amazon).

Via: TheNextWeb

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