The ‘ordinary’ side of Darth Vader showcased through Pawel Kadysz’s photo series


A few days ago, we showcased Jorge Pérez Higuera’s tongue-in-cheek photo series that revealed the startlingly ordinary lives of Stormtroopers when they are not busy missing their aims. The pedestrian lifestyle equated to spending their free time washing dishes, eating cereal, doing laundry, paying bills, checking food labels at the grocery store, knitting sweaters and even sipping fruity cocktails while relaxing in the Jacuzzi. Well this time around, Polish photographer Pawel Kadysz has come up with another ‘ordinary facet’ scope of Star Wars characters – but he has chosen the one-and-only Darth Vader as his subject.

Suffice it to say, the Sith Lord is seen in a number of ‘civilian’ situations. These include – being in a gruff mood after oversleeping, brushing his conspicuous teeth-arrangement on the helmet, drinking coffee while browsing through some magazine, and learning to cook with an apron and all. As Kadysz told in an interview (to Mashable) –

We never think of movie characters like they were regular people. And they are. With different life goals, obviously, but they’re just people. Hannibal Lecter had to shower. John Doe from Se7en probably had to do the dishes. And Darth Vader has to do groceries.

Interestingly, on closer inspection, one could almost see the humane side of Vader, with one photo showcasing how he is reminiscing about his youthful Anakin self; and another showing how he presumably misses his son Luke. And the good news is for some of us geeks is that Kadysz wants to continue with his photo series till the premier of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And if he is still excited after the movie release, he will go through with his tongue-in-cheek merry way for another year.

Pawel_Kadysz_Ordinary_Darth_Vader_10 Pawel_Kadysz_Ordinary_Darth_Vader_2 Pawel_Kadysz_Ordinary_Darth_Vader_4 Pawel_Kadysz_Ordinary_Darth_Vader_9 Pawel_Kadysz_Ordinary_Darth_Vader_11 Pawel_Kadysz_Ordinary_Darth_Vader_3 Pawel_Kadysz_Ordinary_Darth_Vader_5 Pawel_Kadysz_Ordinary_Darth_Vader_6


Pawel_Kadysz_Ordinary_Darth_Vader_7 Pawel_Kadysz_Ordinary_Darth_Vader_8 Pawel_Kadysz_Ordinary_Darth_Vader_12 Pawel_Kadysz_Ordinary_Darth_Vader_13 Pawel_Kadysz_Ordinary_Darth_Vader_14

Via: BoredPanda

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