Unassuming ‘Story Pod’ gloriously unravels to morph into an open-air library

Story_Pod_ Morph_Into_Open-Air_Library

In simple terms, the unpretentiously named ‘Story Pod’ is a pod inside which you can read books. But as with most ‘simple’ narratives, the is more to the nifty scope than that meets the eye. Designed by architectural studio AKB in the town of Newmarket, Toronto, the structure in its default form embodies a black block with seemingly opaque facades. But on closer inspection, it is the different levels of ‘deconstruction’ espoused by the building that really tickles our fancy.

Story_Pod_ Morph_Into_Open-Air_Library_4

To that end, the black box is composed of vertical slats that provide some degree of transparency on the inside of the book store (at least through one of the facades). And the inclusive scope grows ever more slightly when one of the pivot doors open to expose the lair inside. Finally, the entire Story Pod can unfold itself to gloriously reveal an installation tailored to book enthusiasts.

Story_Pod_ Morph_Into_Open-Air_Library_2

In that regard, one could find that the earlier visually-hindering vertical slats were just windows that provided glimpses into the literal book-shelves. Moreover, two major facades of the Story Pod open out to morph into seating areas where book-readers can enjoy their stories in relative seclusion. The ‘inner sanctum’ still holds its position with the main shelving system housing the books.

Story_Pod_ Morph_Into_Open-Air_Library_3

Lastly, the visual tantalization showcased by the Story Pod is further enhanced during the night, with its integration of LEDs inside the small enclosure. Perhaps symbolically, this alludes to the mysterious glow of enlightenment that resides within the tinniest corners of our world.

Story_Pod_ Morph_Into_Open-Air_Library_1

Story_Pod_ Morph_Into_Open-Air_Library_5 Story_Pod_ Morph_Into_Open-Air_Library_6 Story_Pod_ Morph_Into_Open-Air_Library_7

Via: MyModernMet

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