This LA man dreams of a future where the dead can be resurrected and made immortal

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Death, as we all know, is inevitable. But what Josh Bocanegra-founded Humai is trying to do is probably the closest we’d ever get to being immortal. The company has quite ambitiously claimed that, within the next 30 years, it will have developed a technology that can effectively transfer the consciousness of dead people into artificially-created bodies.

According to Bocanegra, the company is looking for ways to use the latest technologies in cryonics, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology, in order to develop a system that could eventually ressurect the deceased. Humai’s website, which currently exists as just a launch page asking readers to sign up for its newsletter, explains:

We’re using artificial intelligence and nanotechnology to store data of conversational styles, behavioral patterns, though processes and information about how your body functions from the inside-out. This data will be coded into multiple sensor technologies, which will be built into an artificial body with the brain of a deceased human. Using cloning technology, we will restore the brain as it matures.

Apart from this, nothing much has been specified as to how the company plans on realizing its goal. In the past, scientists have indeed been able to retrieve and interpret people’s behavioral patterns and psychological processes, and even transfer these information onto automatons like Diego San, a baby-faced robot that mimics the gestures and expressions of infants. However, getting an isolated, cryogenically-frozen brain to control an independent robotic body is something that has not been achieved yet. Bocanegra, a resident of Los Angeles, added:

When the technology is fully developed we’ll implant the brain into an artificial body. The artificial body functions will be controlled with your thoughts by measuring brain waves. As the brain ages we’ll use nanotechnology to repair and improve cells.

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If the idea seems a bit ludicrous, it is likely because it really is, especially since Humai is currently run by a team of five people, of whom only two are researchers. What is more, the company has not yet revealed how it is going to fund such an ambitious project. In an email sent to The Huffington Post, Andrea Riposati, an AI expert previously working at Amazon, said:

Everyone will tell you that the technology is not ready. No reason to believe it will be ready in 30 years. But this is an amazing business model for Humai. They can collect monthly/yearly payments from their customers promising something in the future.

Britain-based software consultant Michael Maven shared Riposati’s skepticism, when he said:

How will he [Bocanegra] connect it to a machine? You don’t just simply plug it in via USB. Nanotechnology is not an answer, it’s a buzzword. The technology which could extract legible thoughts and ideas out of an organ made of living tissue is nowhere near anything we have yet.

The 25-year-old CEO of Humai, however, is confident that the company will be able to develop the said technology, by the year 2045. He said:

Humai is a legit project … Yes, it’s super ambitious, but that’s the reason why I’m excited to work on it.

Interested to know more about the project? Head over to Humai’s official website.

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  1. Good luck with that! There is no fundamental principle of AI, there is no explanation why animals cannot have abstract reasoning(ever heard of an animal who can at least add 1+2?), So without fundamentals, the AI research is practically in an embryonic stage.

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