World’s first underwater hotel will help facilitate coral reef restoration

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In the past, we’ve heard of underwater restaurants and even an underwater habitation with a master bedroom that offers breathtaking views of the marine flora and fauna. Currently under construction in the waters of Key West, Florida, however, is the world’s first underwater luxury hotel. If your idea of a getaway is spending time among the fishes (quite literally), then the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel is just the place for you. What is more, the owners are actually planning to help facilitate coral reef restoration, using the profits generated from the hotel.

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To be built 28 feet below the sea level, the hotel has already received the USA Patent and Trademark approval. Design-wise, it is classified as a vessel that can actually move around in the ocean, with the help of advanced electromechanical propulsion technology. This allows the hotel to navigate to a safer location during emergencies, such as hurricane and tsunami. Speaking about the project, Tony Webb, the brain behind the idea, said:

I refer to it as inner space tourism, and the new industry is now ready to launch into the ocean frontier. Meanwhile, the philanthropic goal is to give back to the planetary community through Biorock coral reef restoration of the world’s endangered coral reefs. We want to help save planet Earth’s oceans from the on-going daily destruction taking place.

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According to the developers, the structure will house a total of 12 guest rooms, a swanky dining area, a lounge and also an elevator taking the visitors back to the sea surface. Each of the luxury suites will come equipped with a stunning Italian leather sofa, an expansive “King Neptune” bed, HDTV, Wi-Fi as well as round-the-clock room service. While the pricing details for a night’s stay have not yet been revealed, buyers wanting to own a single unit of the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel will have to pay a staggering sum of around $3 million (or £1.9 million).

What is more, instead of a mansion tucked away in the countryside, the super-rich can actually purchase the entire 12-room underwater structure and transform it into their very own, private holiday home. To know more about the project, head over to the hotel’s official website.

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