Try Mojoe, a battery-powered brewer that doubles as a travel mug, for quick coffee on the go

Try Mojoe, A Battery-Powered Coffeemaker That Doubles As a Travel Mug-1

For most of us, our morning doesn’t begin until we’ve had a sip of joe. But standing in line at Starbucks is just the thing that makes you late for work, every single day. To help you get your morning shot of caffeine without being tardy, Baltimore-based MoJoe Brewing Co. has designed a handy travel mug that actually doubles as a coffeemaker. Unlike similar products that usually require preheated water or external power source, this self-sufficient contraption uses a rechargeable battery to prepare coffee and tea, while on the go.

Described as “travel mug-sized mobile brewer”, Mojoe lets you enjoy a steaming cup of your favorite beverage anywhere, by eliminating the need for any kind of infrastructure. It has several advantages over currently-available portable coffee makers, including its ability to operate in the absence of a power outlet. Although capable of running on power from a car or wall adapter, this innovative device uses a rechargeable battery to preheat water to around 200° F (93° C). This ensures truly effortless brewing on the go.

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The contraption makes use of “VacDrip” brewing, a mechanism that combines different elements from vacuum brewing and conventional drip brewing. Before you can bask in the aroma of freshly-brewed joe, the mug’s central chamber needs to be filled with water of any temperature, and the reusable filter with coffee grounds. Once turned on via a push button on the side, the Mojoe heats the water and the resultant steam pushes the remaining water through the siphon and onto the grounds. Those who prefer cream and sugar in their coffee can preload them into separate chambers.

According to the developers, the entire process takes around 10 minutes to complete, which is much less than the amount of time it would take to drive to, order and finally purchase a cup of coffee at your local Starbucks outlet. Thanks to its convenient design, the Mojoe actually doubles as a travel mug. It runs on a rechargeable 14.5 Wh Li-ion battery that can be plugged in at the bottom of the container. It takes about 30 minutes to charge the battery to its fullest capacity, which then lasts for one brew.

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The device comes with a pack of three batteries for easy swapping. A tiny LED light at the top alerts the user when the contraption is brewing or when it is too hot to touch. A special heat-resistant silicone grip makes its easier to handle, while the leak-proof cap and drinking spout make it incredibly travel-friendly. What is more, it can easily fit into a regular vehicle cupholder. For added safety, the Mojoe comes with a three-second-push button that prevents any accidental start-up.

Since much of the hardware is built right inside the device for a convenient on-the-go design, the Mojoe has space for only around 8.5 fl oz (or 251 ml) of coffee, which is less than half of what a travel mug would hold. Currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter, the product is available for a price of $69. A starter kit, containing one Mojoe mug, wall and car adapters and a reusable filter, can be purchased for only $79. The company is also selling its own sugar, coffee and cream packets, although you can use any kind you like.

If everything goes according to plan, shipping will commence in May next year.

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