Lives Glass: An hourglass shaped ‘greenhouse’ for gardening on a mini scale


Design style fused with greenery – this in a nutshell defines the so-named ‘Lives Glass’, an hourglass shaped greenhouse that would fit in your pocket. Contrived by Xindong (Jonathan) Che, the miniature planter has two separate sections, with the bottom half constituting the plant enclosure and top half comprising the tiny water tank. Almost symbolically espousing the link between the sand and the time, the water percolates at a certain rate to sustain the plant in the lower layer. Beyond just a metaphor, this setup also has its practical effect, with the drip irrigation system avoiding the over-hydration of the small indoor plant.

Now of course, the Lives Glass is good enough for giving you the introductory nudge towards gardening as a potential hobby. But the designer has also thought of a nifty little feature that entails a tiny hole below the plant layer for emanation of organic oxygen as natural air purification. Beyond this, the design is to be presumably used as just a showpiece (for home or office) that impresses with its tad greenery. And in case you are interested in a similar type of planter design, take a gander at the Grasslamp, a desktop hydroponic garden that doubles as a lamp.

Lives_Glass_Planter_Purifies_Air_1 Lives_Glass_Planter_Purifies_Air_2 Lives_Glass_Planter_Purifies_Air_3

Via: YankoDesign

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