Illustration book showcases the detailed 3D cross-sections of famous vehicles in the Star Wars universe


Previously, we had harped about the Star Wars posters created by Toronto-based artist Scott Park that cover all the vehicles in the space operatic universe. Well, this time around, quantity is matched by complexity in the nifty illustration book by Jason Fry and Kemp Remillard. As one can comprehend from the above image, the book boasts in details the 3D cross-sectional overviews of the numerous crafts present in Star Wars (around 12), ranging from the boisterous speeder bike of Rey showcased in Episode VI to Han Solo’s evergreen Millennium Falcon.

The details are quite awe-inspiring to say the least, with the written commentary also talking about the ‘fictional’ inspiration each character has in association with his/her preferred vehicle. These are complemented by the description of the individual components, thus providing the ‘fleshing out’ phase that the Star Wars universe is known for. So in case you are interested in gaping at more of these groovy cross-sectional illustrations, do give a gander at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Incredible Cross-Sections, available at Amazon for $13.

Detailed_Cross-Sections_Star_Wars_Vehicles_1 Detailed_Cross-Sections_Star_Wars_Vehicles_2 Detailed_Cross-Sections_Star_Wars_Vehicles_3 Detailed_Cross-Sections_Star_Wars_Vehicles_4 Detailed_Cross-Sections_Star_Wars_Vehicles_5

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