China’s latest development project envisions a tree-covered mountain right in the middle of Shanghai

Shanghai To Get A Stunning Tree-Covered Mountain In M50-2

Heatherwick Studio has recently revealed plans to construct an innovative tree-covered mountain, right in the middle of Shanghai. Housing a myriad of residences, commercial units, offices, a school and a hotel, this mixed-use complex will be located next to 50 Moganshan Road (M50), Shanghai’s main art district.

Described as an expansive urban topography, the verdant building, aptly called “The Moganshan”, will be spread over an area of 15-acre. A strip of government-owned land, running through the plot, will divide it into two sections. The complex will have access to the adjacent river, and will be home to a number of historic structures. In addition to its impressive eco-friendly credentials, the project will boast some stunningly modernist features, including several high-rise towers that will line the development on three of its sides. Speaking about the project, the studio’s spokesperson said:

Conceived not as a building but as a piece of topography, the design takes the form of two tree-covered mountains, populated by approximately one thousand structural columns. Instead of being hidden behind the facade, the columns are the defining feature of the design, emerging from the building to support plants and trees.

Shanghai To Get A Stunning Tree-Covered Mountain In M50-1

Shanghai To Get A Stunning Tree-Covered Mountain In M50-3

Shanghai To Get A Stunning Tree-Covered Mountain In M50-4

To know more about Heatherwick Studio and its various projects, head over to the firm’s official website.

Via: Dezeen

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