Ocean blue meets sandy marble in the aptly named Lagoon coffee tables


A sun-kissed beach touched by the azure sea – such a scenery mostly belongs to the realm of wallpapers. But what if this very ‘essence’ could be replicated by a furniture? Well designer designer Alexandre Chapelin (of LA Table) has surely tried his best to simulate such a paradisiacal ambit in his aptly named Lagoon Tables – and we daresay he has succeeded. Made of travertine marble, the creator also used a special resin that was incorporated into the main substrate. As a result we can see the apparent shades of striking blue being assimilated into the bespoke coffee table surface. And the best part is how these conspicuous bluish scope is also dynamic in nature, with the color’s vibrancy complementing the various layers and gradients that sort of mimic the coastal parts of the ocean.


The studio has made it clear –

The LAGOON model is a coffee table, a model designed and created by Alexandre Chapelin. Sculpted in a Tavertine piece of marble, we sculpt a drop to show the slopes of the ocean or lagoon. We then add the resin step by step in order to recreate the volume of the ocean in the table. We can create a model like the one you see on the pictures to the dimensions you want. A unique bespoke table that reflects you.

So simply put, the table is tailored to your personal taste, which should certainly tickle the fancy of the ocean lover inside you. As for more details on the dimensions and ordering, do take a gander at the LA Table portfolio page that also comprises a gaggle of other furniture wonders.

Lagoon_Coffee_Table_Mimics_Blue_Ocean_3 Lagoon_Coffee_Table_Mimics_Blue_Ocean_4 Lagoon_Coffee_Table_Mimics_Blue_Ocean_5 Lagoon_Coffee_Table_Mimics_Blue_Ocean_6 Lagoon_Coffee_Table_Mimics_Blue_Ocean_7 Lagoon_Coffee_Table_Mimics_Blue_Ocean_8

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