Huge vending machine allots bikes and surfing boards instead of calorie-induced food


Food fiber got replaced with a fiber of different kind – courtesy of the giant vending machine installed in Justin Herman Plaza, San Francisco. As a result of a pretty nifty initiative taken by Tourism British Columbia, the imposing 14-ft tall vending contraption dispenses its fair share of bikes, surfboards, and even inflatable kayaks instead of sugary and other high-caloried concoctions. Suffice it to say, the endeavor was undertaken so as to promote eco-tourism and adventuring that British Columbia is known for. And the good news for outdoor enthusiasts is that the vending machine campaign had apparently struck a chord with the San Francisco crowd, with people being genuinely interested by the groovy and ‘healthy’ marketing tactic.


Yes, it was a marketing tactic, albeit with some good (and profitable) intentions. This can be surmised from the photographs of the verdant countryside of British Columbia etched on the mountain bikes and surfboards. As Jacqueline Simpson, Marketing Manager, Consumer Programs, North America of Tourism BC said –

We hope that the installation will allow us to show the people of San Francisco the diverse range of travel experiences they can find in British Columbia, and invite everyone to come and try them for themselves this summer.

And we also have the video that aptly showcases how people were enticed by this incredible tourism-oriented campaign –



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