Inspired by the Inception, Wave City Coffee Table ‘bends’ our perception of design


From ocean blue resin and mushroom bioplastic we move on to ‘reality bending’ affairs. The design in question here pertains to the aptly christened Wave City Coffee Table, a furniture item inspired by a famous movie, as admitted by its creator – Cyprus-based designer Stelios Mousarris. And as one can comprehend from the striking visuals, the table replicates a famous scene from this movie where one of the characters realizes how the laws of gravity and sanity have no place when occurring inside a dream.

According to the designer, the Wave City Coffee Table was crafted by utilizing both wood and steel, while the complex form was perfected by using 3D printing technology. Pertaining to the latter part, the intricacy of the ‘bending’ cityscape is quite impressive even when viewed up close. These geometrical undulations below provide a ‘sharp’ contrast to the smoothness of the actual table top that preserves its functionality beyond just aesthetics. And since we brought up the scope of aesthetics, feel free to take a gander at other incredible creations from the designer’s portfolio.

Wave_City_Coffee_Table_Inception_Mousarris_2 Wave_City_Coffee_Table_Inception_Mousarris_3 Wave_City_Coffee_Table_Inception_Mousarris_4 Wave_City_Coffee_Table_Inception_Mousarris_5 Wave_City_Coffee_Table_Inception_Mousarris_6

Via: DesignBoom

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