Bilbao: An impressive repurposed bookshelf created entirely from a fallen tree branch


Before the storm there is the lull. And after the storm there is creativity. At least that is what New York-based (but Chilean-born) artist Sebastian Errazuriz has proven with his beautiful design of the so-named Bilbao, an entire bookshelf created from a broken branch of a storm-afflicted tree. Named after the street in Santiago where the felled the tree was found, Bilbao represents the conscientious side of repurposed furniture, but with breathtaking aesthetics that fuse nature with artistic flair.

It should be noted however that the felled branch (of Jequitiba hardwood variety) was not exactly used in its ‘vanilla’ state. As the artist’s website makes it clear – “The branch was taken to the workshop and twisted, turned, and readapted so it could hug a flat wall and live a new life as a shelf.” This modification scope is complemented by the use of other materials such as glass and stainless steel. But the ‘piece de resistance’ of the repurposed Bilbao arguably relates to the rich black lacquer with a matte sheen – which makes the bookshelf stand out in the white background of the wall.

As for dimensions, the Bilbao with its entirety of seven glass shelves, measures 8 ft in height, 10 ft in width, and 1.2 ft in depth. And in case you are interested, you can also take a gander at Errazuriz’s incredible tree series, of which this elegant specimen is a part.

Bilbao_Bookshelf_Created_From_Fallen_Tree_Branch_1 Bilbao_Bookshelf_Created_From_Fallen_Tree_Branch_2 Bilbao_Bookshelf_Created_From_Fallen_Tree_Branch_3 Bilbao_Bookshelf_Created_From_Fallen_Tree_Branch_4 Bilbao_Bookshelf_Created_From_Fallen_Tree_Branch_5

Via: Contemporist

All images courtesy of Sebastian Errazuriz.

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