Transforming your digs into the home of the future

Transforming your digs into a fully-automated home of the future-4

What is better than coming home to a warm house that greets you immediately when you arrive from a long day at work? With modern technology not only is this possible, but also practical. Having a fully-automated home modeled to your specification is every home owner’s dream. This dream house depends on an automated system that can either be fully integrated and installed by a professional or pieced together elements dependent the demand of the owner. 

The system can be installed in different parts of the house like the hallway, the kitchen, the living room etc. We have done a breakdown of some of the fascinating ideas that can be employed, in each of these rooms.


The entryway is the first thing you see when you enter your home and it can be customized in different ways to fit your routine. A recorded customized greeting or your own theme song are some of the clever ways of making your coming and going an enjoyable experience.


Installing your own RFID lock comes in handy when you have a handful of groceries. This lock allows the door to automatically lock and is unlocked using a wireless key.

Living room

For most homes, this room is the central hub of entertainment and automating the media controls is an easy thing to do. A fully automated media center can be installed. This system comes with a wide variety of control types and can even automatically download videos. The downloaded videos are stored in appropriate folders on the computer and shared via Wi- Fi with the television. This saves you trips to the video store. The room can also be converted into a party room with flashing lights and killer music at the push of a button.


Transforming your digs into a fully-automated home of the future2

There are some amazing stuff that could be done to heighten the kitchen experience. Using an old PC to track food inventory, store recipes, act as a timer and do other computer stuff using a kitchen database is a simple way to get started. Adding an automated pop-up shelf to the kitchen island is another way to upgrade your kitchen. Creating a table that lifts (see more ‎table lifts on the site) on site to reveal hidden kitchen appliances and available storage space is a better way to make use of small spaces. The automated pop-up kitchen rack is simple to install and solves the problem of clutter in the kitchen.

Transforming your digs into a fully-automated home of the future-3


The bathroom can also be upgraded by installing a system that makes life a little easier. The system can help cut down on water usage by tracking the time spend in the shower and the number of flushes. The system is easy to use and not only saves cost but also time. A simple pee light that guides you to the bathroom can also be installed. The pee light detects motion and prompts a very dim light when you need to use the toilet in the middle of the night.

Whole house automation

Transforming your digs into a fully-automated home of the future-1
Monitoring utility usage

What better way to cut down the bills than monitoring the usage of power. Installing such a system is incredibly expensive but there is a cheaper alternative according to blogger Antibore. The solution integrates the data collected using a custom network setup into a digital photo frame. A receiver attached to the power meter directs data to a server, then shows the power usage on a small monitor allowing you to regularly monitor the usage.

Security and monitoring system

The easiest way is by installing motion detection cameras on your computer or phone. If any movement is detected it notifies you on your phone. Vitamin D is recommended if you would want to monitor several areas of the house at once.

These are just some of the ways you can make you home more futuristic. Most of these suggestions are easy to do and take little time to integrate. So choose the ones that suit you best and implement them in your home.

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