Techrules to unveil 1,030-hp turbine-driven concept supercar at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show

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At the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, Chinese company Techrules will unveil what they claim is one of the finest electric cars ever built. According to the Beijing-based developers, the 1,030 bhp (around 768 kW) supercar will feature batteries that are recharged using a powerful range-extending gas turbine. Thanks to its uniquely advanced design, the vehicle will be capable of covering over 1,200 miles (approx. 1931 km) on a single fill-up.

Jaguar C-X75 as showcased at the 2010 Paris Motor Show

Jaguar C-X75 as showcased at the 2010 Paris Motor Show

The concept of turbine-equipped electric vehicles has been around for quite some time, with major automakers like Jaguar coming up with their own versions of the innovative microturbine-backed supercar. Unfortunately, most of these concept cars have never actually made it to production, maybe because of their high manufacturing costs. Techrules, however, plans to change all that, with its new “Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle” (TREV) system. While not much has been revealed in terms of its specifications, the company’s spokesperson was reported saying:

… it incorporates several technological innovations that deliver unprecedented advances in both whole-life environmental efficiencies and dynamic performance.

Chinese Firm Techrules To Unveil 1030-HP Turbine-Driven Supercar-2

Techrules’ yet-to-be-unveiled turbine-driven electric supercar

Gas turbines have been found to improve the range of electric cars, by serving as efficient back-up power for recharging the primary batteries. As the developers point out, the new vehicle boasts an impressive range of over 1,243 miles (nearly 2,000 km). The company is gearing up to showcase its incredibly powerful concept car at the 86th Geneva International Motor Show that will be held between March 3 and 13.

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