Europe’s largest onshore wind farm network to be constructed in Norway

Europe's Largest Onshore Wind Farm Network To Be Constructed In Norway-2

One of the front runners of the ongoing clean energy race, Norway has recently announced plans for a massive inter-connected network of wind farms, as part of the new Fosen Vind project. According to the developers, the facility will be the largest of its kind in all of Europe, with a combined production capacity of over 1,000 MW.

At present, the Scandinavian nation runs almost entirely on renewable energy, mainly in the form of hydropower, land-based and offshore wind power and to some extent, wave power. The newly-announced project aims to construct a well-connected network of six wind farms, right in the middle of the country. As the developers point out, the wind farms will be erected in a region that boasts some of the best conditions for wind energy production in the entire continent.

Europe's Largest Onshore Wind Farm Network To Be Constructed In Norway-1

Spread over the Fosen peninsula, Snillfjord and the Hitra island, the $1.2 billion (approx. €1.1 billion) onshore facility will double Norway’s wind power capacity, and will likely generate an estimated 3.4 TWh of electricity per year. Once constructed, it will be the fourth largest wind farm network in the world. The top spot is taken by China’s yet-to-be-completed Gansu Wind Farm, boasting a net energy capacity of around 6,000 MW.

With construction starting later this year, the Fosen Vind wind farm is slated for completion by 2020. For the project, Nordic Wind Power, government-owned Statkraft and TrønderEnergi have come together to build six wind farms in Norway’s Harbaksfjellet, Roan, Storheia, Kvenndalsfjellet, Geitfjellet and Hitra regions.

Source: Statkraft

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