New York Horizon envisions Central Park as a bedrock-covered structure surrounded by 1000-foot glass walls

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While the rest of the world is moving towards “skyscraperization”, designers Jianshi Wu and Yitan Sun are promoting a radically different idea: digging New York’s Central Park to uncover the mountain-like bedrocks lying underneath. Winner of this year’s eVolo Skyscraper Competition, their proposal, called New York Horizon, envisions the 1.3-square-mile urban park as a multi-functional mega structure that lies 100 feet below the street level.

Known for being the busiest as well as the most densely populated county in all of the United States, Manhattan is home to countless high-rise buildings that sadly offer no respite from the hectic urban life. The new structure, according to the developers, could serve as a haven for New Yorkers, with its low elevation creating an illusion of distance from the surrounding skyscrapers. The proposal aims to bring residents closer to nature, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The designers intention is to:

… make Central Park available to more people…to reverse the traditional relationship between landscape and architecture, in a way that every occupiable space has direct connection to nature.

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According to the developers, excavations would allow them to construct a 1,000-tall structure with a total floor area of over 7 square miles. Lining the structure on all of its sides will be huge glass walls, whose shiny, reflective exterior create the illusion of infinity, thus pushing the skyscrapers and high-rise buildings further back. The proposal has won this year’s eVolo competition, which honors the most futuristic as well as unusual skyscraper designs out there.

Before Central Park was constructed by architect Frederick Law Olmstead around 159 years ago, the region featured a rugged, bedrock-covered landscape that was later artificially filled up to look more like a park. In a way therefore, the New York Horizon proposal attempts to take the iconic park back to its natural state.

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Source: eVolo

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