Would Harry Potter still be Harry Potter without his signature round spectacles?

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Some fashion accessories have a relatively short amount of time each year that they’re actually used. For example, scarves, gloves, or thick coats really only come out when it’s cold or raining. And in warmer month’s you’ll see more flip flops, shorts, and sun hats.

However, the sun still comes out each day. So, any time of year you can find people wearing sunglasses. Eyewear is more than just a fashion accessory too–more than half of people in the world wear glasses of some kind to correct their vision. Eyewear is commonplace and it has naturally made its way into film and TV too.

The team at Sunglass Warehouse took a look where in pop culture glasses and sunglasses have been used. Some are used as corrective eyewear, some are strictly used as fashion accessories, and some have a more specific purpose tied to their story. In each case, their eyewear is tied to the character’s image and identity. Characters like Milhouse, Harry Potter, or Morpheus would be completely different without their glasses! See the graphic below for the 27 well-known characters and people and their essential eyewear.


                                                   The article was provided by Bryan Vu of Sunglass Warehouse

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