Infographic: Valuable business advice from 33 of pop culture’s most famous characters

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In the age of mass media, the role that popular culture plays is even greater than one can fathom. Movies, TV shows and video games surround us in our everyday life, offering us a chance to escape into a world of fantasy and make-believe. Be it action, comedy, drama or sci-fi, your favorite TV series will almost always have a character that does more than just entertain you.

We are talking about those characters that make you laugh and cry, while also inspiring you to greater things. Through their roles, they motivate you, giving you essential life as well as career advice. The creative minds at GetVoIP have turned this idea into an amazing infographic that features some of the best business advice from pop culture characters. The team has compiled 33 inspiring quotes from famous TV and film characters.

The list includes shrewd, no-nonsense businessmen, such as Don Draper of Man Men and Harvey Specter from Suits. Interestingly, it also recognizes the wisdom in some of the things that the well-meaning, yet somewhat crazy, manager of Dunder Mifflin, Michael Scott, says in The Office. Despite a sea of differences in their personalities, these pop culture characters offer valuable life lessons through their words as well as actions.

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Source: GetVoIP

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