Pilot: Nifty earpiece that can translate virtually any language in real-time

Nifty Earpiece Can Translate Virtually Any language In Real-Time-1

If you have ever grappled with a foreign tongue while traveling, there’s a nifty new wearable technology that promises real-time translation of virtually any language. Known as the Pilot, this innovative earpiece could allow speakers of different languages to converse with one another, without having to explain through gestures. Designed by New York-based Waverly Labs, the contraption is incredibly easy to use, relying on neither wires nor internet connection.

Shaped like a pair of standard earbuds, the Pilot works by instantly translating different languages, making communication with locals easier for people going overseas. This smart device sits on the wearer’s ears, and is completely devoid of any kind of wire or cable. According to the developers, it function without the help of internet, which makes it all the more useful for people traveling abroad.  The company has recently released a promo video that gives us some information about the technology.

As the designers point out, the Pilot is a real-life version of the Babel Fish from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. By placing it into his/her ears, the user will be able to comprehend any language from across the globe. Or at least that is what the developers are aiming for. Although currently equipped with only English, French, Spanish and Italian as options, the contraption will soon be available on other languages, including Hindi, Arabic, Slavic as well as East Asian tongues.

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The product, which will be launched on Indiegogo as early as next week, will be shipped out sometime towards the end of this year. While very little has been revealed about how the technology actually works, we do know that it does not require any internet connection, instead pairing with an associated smartphone app for its functions.

Each pack, according to the designers at Waverly Labs, will contain two earpieces, thus enabling two people to converse with ease. At present, the device is capable of translating only when both participants in a conversation have their own ear sets. Future versions, however, will likely be capable of translating anything spoken by any source around the user. What is more, if only one person possesses the earbuds, the other could speak directly into the Pilot app.

Each Pilot unit, as the developers state, will be priced at around $249-299, which in case of Indiegogo‘s early bird specials will start from a discounted $129. To know more about the technology, head over to Waverly Labs’ official website.

Via: ScienceAlert

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